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How to Use Capsule Polishing Machine?

Jan. 04, 2021

Capsule polishing machine is special polishing equipment for capsules and tablets, which can remove the dust on the surface of capsules and tablets and improve the surface finish, suitable for all kinds of capsules and tablets production.

Capsule polishing machine characteristics 

This equipment has the characteristics of novel mechanism, beautiful shape, lightweight, simple operation, flexible movement, easy cleaning, high polishing efficiency and good cleanliness. All parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel, and the sanitary condition of the equipment meets the standard of GMP.

Capsule polishing machine can polish capsules and tablets, and at the same time can remove empty shells and broken capsules. Equipped with a full stainless steel vacuum cleaner, no other vacuum equipment is needed. Compared with an ordinary polishing machine, it can save 50% of electricity. All parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel, in line with GMP standards. Adopt negative pressure type waste removal device, no pollution to the environment.

Capsule Polishing Machine

How to use capsule polishing machine?

1. Under the polished and sealed cylinder, connect one of the suction pipes of the special industrial vacuum cleaner; above the waste remover, connect another suction pipe of the special industrial vacuum cleaner.

2. Turn on the industrial vacuum cleaner and polishing machine power, and adjust the polishing machine speed. Use a small number of capsules with waste shells to test the machine, adjust the negative pressure of the waste remover into the air volume, so that just to remove the empty shells broken capsule is appropriate. If the negative pressure into the air is too large, there is a possibility that the good capsule sucked away, too small can not play a waste role. The air volume of waste removal is adjusted in the adjustment board of industrial vacuum cleaner inlet, and the waste removal can be observed from the observation board in front of the waste removal device. The air volume of the suction pipe for sucking out the powder is also adjusted in the adjustment board of the industrial vacuum cleaner.

3. Do the above-mentioned preparation work before working.

4. Clean the polishing machine and industrial vacuum cleaner in time after each shift. If necessary, the industrial vacuum cleaner should also be cleaned in the middle of the work.

Adjustment methods

(1) Polishing machine speed adjustment: by the electronic governor finishing. For fragile capsules, the speed can be appropriately low, and vice versa can be appropriately adjusted high. For tablet polishing speed can be adjusted appropriately low.

(2) Polishing cylinder tilt adjustment: tilt by the tail support plate adjustment, tilt large polishing effect is good, tilt small production efficiency. 

(3) Industrial vacuum cleaner adjustment: professional industrial vacuum cleaner has two sets of dust washing pipe device, each suction air volume adjustment plate, air volume size according to the use of adjustment.

The above information is provided by the capsule polishing machine supplier.

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