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How to Adjust the Capsule Polishing Machine?

Jan. 18, 2021

Knowledge of safe operation of the capsule polishing machine

I. Dangerous parts: grinding screen plate, distribution box and backlog rotation parts.

II. Operation steps

1. Wipe the capsule polishing machine clean and pull the mesh belt.

2. Turn on the heating tube and fan switch after the machine rotates, make sure the rotation is normal.

3. The operator adds the coloured paper to be polished one by one.

4. Stop the capsule polishing machine, turn off the heating tube and pull the mesh belt.

III. Safety matters

1. When rubbing the capsule polishing machine, pay attention to whether the screen plate is clean or not, dispose of the cleaning agent from the rubbing machine in time to avoid pouring it on the floor and having an accident, and do not stick your head into the machine when it is rotating.

2. In the rubbing rubber wheel, can not play the pressure up to rub, otherwise it will bring the cloth broken together with the arm into the machine, resulting in machine injuries, unsafe accidents.

3. When putting the paper, you should concentrate on your spirit and not be careless. If you are not careful, it is likely that the coloured paper will be brought into the machine together with your hand and arm, causing injury to people.

4. When picking up the paper, you should pay attention not to put the leather paste in contact with the copper plate, which has a very high temperature and can cause scalding accidents if you are not careful.

5. Machine tail personnel attention over the water machine belt wheel injury, do not touch the hand to the belt and wheel when open if the hand brought into the belt or wheel, it will appear will be hand pressure broken.

6. After the power is on, do not open the distribution box to avoid electric shock accidents.

7. Day and night shift personnel, after work must be well rested, can not drink after work, physical fatigue, easy to doze off, mental unfocused, so it is easy to cause unsafe accidents.

Capsule Polishing Machine

How to adjust the Capsule Polishing Machine?

1.The capsule polishing machine needs to be used with a flat floor, equipped with a three-prong socket to ensure a grounding wire.

2. After installation, start the power supply, place the feeder below the outlet, and then turn on the machine for idling (press the RUN/STOP key to close the hoover switch), and pay attention to observe the work of the host hoover, test the performance of speed regulation. If the operation is normal, a small amount of medicine can be added to the hopper for polishing, and according to the polished medicine meets the requirements, the bias can be officially produced. After the completion of a batch of drug production, but also need to idle for 2 minutes, to be wiped clean after the dust in the transport tube, before the polishing of different drugs.

3. Time adjustment: adjust the tilt angle of the capsule polishing machine frame, you can adjust the distance between the outlet and the inlet, you can change the stay time of drugs in the polisher, the greater the tilt angle, the longer the polishing time, the smaller the angle, the shorter the polishing time will be long. When adjusting the first force to drag the rear section of the rack, so as not to loosen the locking screw, the bracket lost balance, damage the rack, adjust the rack tilt angle, re-tighten the locking screw. Select a small amount of drugs for trial operation, if the polishing is normal, it can be put into normal use.

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