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Automatic pelletizing machine

The automatic pill making machine is a new generation of pill making equipment developed to produce different pills such as Xiaomi pills, water pills and concentrated pills.

The machine has stable performance and convenient operation, cleaning and maintenance. The other parts in contact with the medicine are made of stainless steel materials and meet the requirements of GMP standards. When producing pills of different specifications and sizes, the nozzle size can be changed and equipped with pellet knives of different specifications.


1. Please read this manual before operating the water pill machine and keep it for future reference.

2. Any modification not approved by the authority responsible for the water pill machine fails to operate, the responsibility is borne by the user.

3. During operation, there should be no other irrelevant items on the work surface. The water pill machine is placed on a stable table. After confirming the power supply voltage, the power supply should be close to the table. The power socket must have a reliable grounding wire. Other accidents occurred.

Structural features

1. This machine is composed of pelletizing roller, motor, heater and other components.

2. One machine with multiple functions, easy to disassemble and wash.

3. Small size.

4. Light weight.

5. Stable performance.

6. Easy to operate.

7. Low noise.

8. Beautiful appearance.

9. Easy to clean.

10. Safe and power saving.

11. The parts in contact with the medicine and the shell are all made of stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standards.

Features: Easy Operation,one-time forming, high roundness, small difference,particularly suitable for poor viscosity of the material.

Applies to: pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries+

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