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Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet counting machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries to count, bottle, and bag medicines or foods such as capsules, tablets, and granules. It is also suitable for counting, bottling, bagging and canning other solid objects with regular shapes.

Features of Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet Counting Machine is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, small size, light weight, low noise, accurate counting, simple operation, simple maintenance and repair. The drug contact parts are made of stainless steel, which ensures the cleanliness of the packaged items and meets GMP requirements; it is an ideal special equipment for counting, bottling, and bagging drugs or food such as capsules, tablets, and granules. The machine uses electromagnetic vibration to count the tablets. The counting disc does not rotate when the bottle is not at the discharge opening. When the medicine bottle is placed at the discharge opening, the motor drives the counting disc to rotate to automatically enter the bottle; replace the counting discs with different specifications and models Convenient and fast, no other adjustments are required. This machine is the smallest, advanced, beautiful and economical counting bottling and bagging equipment among domestic counting machines.

Automatic Capsule Machine Manufacturer

Huiji Pharmacy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of capsule filling machines. Our semi-automatic, fully automatic and manual capsule filling machines meet the needs of various capsule manufacturers around the world and provide great convenience for many users. Save a lot of labor costs.

*Adopts touch screen and PLC HMI control system;

*Key components adopt originals made from Europe or Japan;

*Auto-stop and auto-alarm when any unit on the working line has some problems.

*Monitor and alarm people when the bottles supplying is insufficient or the bottles blocked there.

*All the materials adopted meet the pharmaceutical industry requirement, which can meet the GMP standards.

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